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X-Tank - New Van Mounted Systems

Designed to be compact, versatile and smart. These systems are available in 3 different tank sizes (350, 500 & 750ltr).

We have moulded our tanks with specific recesses that house all the individual components (from the battery to the pumps), which helps to save space, weight and offers maximum protection against accidental damage.

We have also incorporated a fully automated electronic flushing and filling system, that helps to save you time and money.


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Evolution V2 Pole 500

Evolution Water Fed Poles

Designed by window cleaners... for window cleaners! 

Our Evolution range of water fed poles are available in 3 different material options with lenghts ranging from 20ft up to 72ft.

These WFP's have been designed to be as light as possible while also being durable and long lasting. Our glue-less lateral style clamps are probably the easiest to use clamps around making them a pleasure to work with.

We dont just concentrate on the poles and clamps though, we also take time to develop and test all the indivdual parts that make up the complete WFP, helping you be confident that the Evolution poles are the best choice for your business.


Evo-Sill window cleaning Brush

Evo-Lite Ultra Lightweight Brushes

Looking for a lightweight durable brush with extremely good cleaning power?? We were also, and thats the reason we designed and manufactured the Evo-Lite brush range.

These dual trim brushes are available in 26cm or 35cm versions in either a rectangular or sill style with the option of monofilament bristles or flocked bristles.

These brushes have received extremely popular feedback with many people now converting their older heavier or less durable brushes to these Evo-Lite brushes.


evolution wfp's

Xline Portable Trolley

This 25ltr trolley was designed to be as light, compact and versatile as possible and specifically built for the cleaning industry.

Made from lightweight aluminium which keeps the weight to a minimum and prevents any rust or corrosion from developing, along with a removable battery pack and adjstable handle makes this trolley a pleasure to work with.

This trolley utilises the exact same high-end components that are fitted on our van mounted systems, so you can be sure this trolley will keep going for many years.

We can provide the trolley system on its own, or as a package which can include everything thats needed to clean windows using pure water and water fed poles.